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  • Thank you for everything. I know this wasn’t easy for you and your team. As usual Aqua Pure comes through for us. Your entire team is always there when we need you. Thanks again, and please tell your entire team how helpful and awesome they are, for me. Jeanette has been a pleasure to talk to and work with throughout this entire process and I know this wasn’t easy for her either. Thanks Jeanette.

    Mike Bentley - Facilities Manager

    Northwestern Medicine – Huntley Campus

    Who rated us 10/10, 05-28-2020

  • I just wanted to let you know and commend Tony and Bob, first of all, for the service, expertise and thoroughness, that they performed last Thursday on our indoor pool Accutab feeder and whirlpool instructional assessment, since we’ve been wrestling with it for quite some time. Second of all, I really appreciated Frank’s service, technical and mechanical knowledge, expertise and thoroughness yesterday, with our whirlpool system, that’s been literally, a nightmare, let alone never a “closed” system in my existence. Frank was able to clean up the controller communication, figure out why our system has been allowing air in it for so long and balance everything in its’ entirety. Please pass my gratitude on to these gentlemen, thank you All for all you do and enjoy your holiday season!

    Dave Smith

    Buildings and Grounds, Elmhurst Park District

    Who rated us 10/10, 12-11-2019

  • Dear Aqua-Pure, This is just a quick note on how our newly purchased pool chemical controller has been functioning over the past month. It is very rare for a product to function better than expected, though the DCM 510 Series Aquatic Water Quality Controller is operating exactly as promised. Our previous controller which we have had at our facility for over a decade operated very well, though we did experience many variances throughout the swimming season. Also, our former controller required many calibrations to properly reflect the actual chemical make-up of our pool water. Due to those maintenance factors, our pool feed system required much supervision, necessitated monthly over-rides in chemical feeding, and had us never stock more than one day’s chlorine and acid in the feed tanks. The DCM 510 has eliminated all of the aforementioned labor as well as instilled a high level of confidence in our daily pool maintenance. Please recommend this chemical maintenance/feeding system to your other customers and pass along our complete satisfaction to the manufacturer. I am available to speak to other potential customers about this product if you so desire.

    Keith Kareiva

    Whitney Young Magnet High School

    Who rated us 10/10, 10-22-2018

  • Aqua Pure, I want to thank you again for bringing the parts today when we really needed them. You saved the weekend THANKS!!!!

    Phillip Bryan

    Lindenhurst Health and Fitness

    Who rated us 10/10, 11-30-2016

    Thank you, Phillip. We are so glad everything worked out for you.

  • I just wanted to thank you for your time. Your class is outstanding! I can't imagine having a better experience with anyone else. Prior to class I was "talking you up" with other BG Staff - and now that they've been to class - they agreed that you did not disappoint! Buffalo Grove is always available for your next class so feel free to contact me and I'll schedule the room. Thank you again.

    Rick Missing, Superintendent of Facilities

    Buffalo Grove Park District

    Who rated us 10/10, 10-04-2016

    Thank you so much for your high praises and the offering of a room at Buffalo Grove, Rick! We are so glad you enjoyed our CPO class with Instructor Deborah Todner. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

  • Wonderful products and great service. Very happy with my purchase!

    Bob Jones

    Who rated us 8/10, 05-03-2015

    Thank you, Bob! We appreciate your business and we are so glad you had a great experience with our company. We look forward to future business with you.

  • Very fast shipping, and excellent quality products, many thanks!

    Mary Smith

    Who rated us 9/10, 05-02-2015

    Thank you for your purchase and you're very welcome!

  • Great website, shipping was very quick! I'll be sure to re-order soon.

    Jon Taylor

    Who rated us 10/10, 05-01-2015

    Thank you for your purchase, Jon! We look forward to your future orders.