Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Foaming – aeration from therapy jets can increase the foaming in a spa. However, if contaminants are allowed to concentrate, foaming similar to dish soap or laundry detergent will occur. These contaminants are very undesirable. Oxidation treatments, water clarifiers, water replacement, or cleaning of the basin and filter may be justified.

Phosphates – a key nutrient to algae, phosphates can significantly accelerate algae growth. Introduction of phosphates come from several sources; municipal water suppliers, fertilizers, detergents, bather/bird waste and some mineral treatment products. Treat ppb when test is 1,000 or above.


Anti-Foam, 1 qt Bottle

Anti Foam. Compatible with ALL forms of sanitization.


Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer

All natural and ultra powerful water treatment solution to reduce excess Cyanuric Acid levels in the swimming pool.


Orb-3 DropOut, 1 qt Bottle

Designed to reduce high levels of phosphate in pools, spas, and other recreational water bodies without affecting pH.


Pool Anti-Freeze, 1 Gallon

No need to dilute, this antifreeze is ready to use.


ProTeam Spa Foam Fighter, pint Bottle

ProTeam Spa Foam Fighter. Concentrated foam eliminator immediately removes and stops foam in spas, hot tubs and fountains.


Spot and Stain Remover Gel, 1 qt Bottle

Cleaner Gel Spot Stain Remover may be used on plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic and painted surfaces.