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ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc. - Experts in Chemical Feed and Water Treatment

We offer the highest quality metering pumps, instrumentation for monitoring, measurement, and control, dry and liquid polymer activation systems and complete engineered systems for our customers. Our successes include applications in Potable Water and Wastewater Treatment, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Swimming Pool, and many other industries.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH in Germany, ProMinent has been the leader in custom and pre-engineered chemical feed and water treatment systems in the United States for over 35 years!

Innovation, reliability and industry specific solutions are our hallmarks. All internal processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 ensuring the highest standard of quality in both manufacturing and customer service.

In addition to its group headquarters in Heidelberg / Germany, ProMinent supports its customers locally with 56 corporate sales and service companies. A total of 2,100 employees as well as representation in over 60 countries guarantees ProMinent service and availability worldwide. ProMinent celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.

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Bromine Sensor

BRE1 Sensor


DCM 2 Series Controller

Perfect partner for monitoring and controlling water chemistry and processes in smaller pools: hotel, motel, condominium, and apartment complexes.


Electrolyte (Gel)

for Sensors- CTE, CGE, CTE Gold Tip, and BRE1


Electrolyte (Liquid)

for the CLE Sensor


Free Chlorine Sensor-CLE3

without Cyanuric Acid


ORP Sensor

With Platinum Sight Glass


pH Sensor

Has a Glass Tip


ProMinent Clamped Disc D31.3/35 5x1.5P

secures the pH and ORP probe in place


ProMinent CLB3 Sensor

5ppm *For the DCM2CL Only*


ProMinent DCM 5 Series Controller

Allows the pool professional to make adjustments to the chemical feed system to prevent overdosing or under dosing of a chemical and to use the system to uncover mechanical errors.


ProMinent DGMA Sampling Tap, 25mm

used to sample the water


ProMinent Medium Pressure UV Disinfection Systems

The UV systems are a cost-effective way of reliably breaking down chloramines and safely killing off chlorine-resistant germs.

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ProMinent O-Ring 22.00-3.00 EPDM/P

Seals the probes air tight


ProMinent Replacement membrane Cap for CLE Sensor

Replacement for CLE Sensor


ProMinent Welsh Plug M20x1.5P

plug for the Chamber Cell


Replacement Cap- CLO

for the CLO sensor


Replacement Membrane Cap

replacement cap for the CTE, CGE, CTE, (Gold tip), and BRE1 Sensor


Replacement Membrane Kit

ProMinent Replacement Membrane Kit


SN6 Cable

for pH and ORP sensors for DCM Controllers


Total Chlorine Sensor-CGE

3mA -10ppm Use with CYA and Salt Pools


Total Chlorine Sensor-CTE1

measures the total amount of chlorine