Hayward - Manufacturers




1.5 hp Hayward and Trade; Pump w/ Conversion Kit

1.5 hp Hayward pump conversion kit


Face Plate Screw

comes in a set of 2 screws


Hayward Hydro Valve

2" to 1.5" plastic Hydrostatic Valve


Hayward Replacement Covers and Frames and Hardware

Screw Packs, Cover and Frames: 9", 12" 18".


Hayward Round Cover and Frame

Replacement covers retrofits to all existing Hayward® frames.


Hayward Wedge Dog

Parts for Hayward SP392,393


Hayward™ Pump Parts For All Accu-Tab Units

For all Accu-Tab units.


Hayward® High Flow Suction Outlet

7 Year Life

These high flow suction outlets have some of the highest approved flow rates in the industry. These can be used on new construction or as replacement covers. Retrofitting into all existing Hayward® frames, they are VGB compliant and tested to ANSI/APSP-16 standards. All retaining screws included.


Spinner Valve Assembly

made by Hayward


Top Diffuser Plate

used for the inlets