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Algae Kil CB7, 1 qt Bottle

Algaecide 7% Copper-Black, Severest Algae Treatment. A unique copper blend provides a potent knockout to algae, triple chelated copper to prevent staining on pool surfaces.


Algaecide Combat Extra, 1 qt Bottle

Algaecide Combat Extra, Most Effective on All Types; Green, Yellow, Black, Pink and White Mold. Just the Right Amount of Polymer, Copper and Clarifier. The One-Two Punch.


Anti-Foam, 1 qt Bottle

Anti Foam. Compatible with ALL forms of sanitization.


Calcium Hypo Shock Assault, 1 lb Bag or 25 lb pail

Calcium hypochlorite blended with Haviland’s borate technology offers over 68% active ingredients in order to effectively oxidize water.


Chlor Out, 2 or 25 lb. Pail

There are times we need to remove excess chlorine from the pool. After a superchlorination for removal of chloramines, or accidental fecal release, you must return the chlorine levels to acceptable state code requirements.

Available sizes: 2 lb. bottle (12/case) or 25 lb. pail. Additional size available: 50 lb. Sodium Thiosulfate


Chlorine Stabilizer, 10, 25 or 45 lb. Pail

For outdoor commercial pool use only.


Chlorine Stabilizer, 50 lb or 100 lb Red Pail

For outdoor commercial pool use only.


Concentrated Clarifier, 1 qt Bottle

Clarifier Concentrated Economical - Best Seller


I-Helix Hoses

With One Swivel End


Liquid Filter Cleaner, 1 qt Bottle

Filter Cleaner. Hard working, deep penetrating cleaner degreases all filters without harm to media. Follow ProTeam® Filter Magic directions.


Metal Wizard, 1 qt Bottle

Metal Wizard. Warm Water (Spa or Therapy)


Rust-N-Scale 2lbs Bottle

Rust-N-Scale prevents rust formation and discoloration of water by holding metal in solution, this concentrated, dry chelate is phosphate free and compatible with all water care products, equipment and especially heaters. Clean Filter, adjust water balance, initial treatment 2 lbs per 10,000 gallons of water, weekly 2-4 oz per 10,000 gallons.


Soda Ash, 20 lb Pail

Soda Ash: Basic, active ingredient that increases pH to correct acidic water. Refer to manufacturers label and instructions.


Spot and Stain Remover Gel, 1 qt Bottle

Cleaner Gel Spot Stain Remover may be used on plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic and painted surfaces.


Super 90, 2 or 25 lb. Pail

Best used in white plaster pools or pools with surfaces that cannot be bleached. Available sizes: 2 lb. bottle or 25 lb. pail


Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), 50 lb Bag

Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner/Degreaser. Industrial Strength Cleaner - for Pool Professionals


WipeOut, 2.2, 25 or 50 lb.

Non-Chlorine shock for pools and spas.

Available sizes: 2.2, 25 or 50 lb. pails - select size below.