D.E. Filter and Parts

D.E. Filter and Parts

D.E. Filter and Parts

Regenerative Filter

Regenerative filters are making their way into the aquatics industry as state-of-the art swimming pool filtration providing the best water quality possible and cost savings with water conservation, less chemical and heat replacement. Need a new commercial swimming pool filter for your renovation or are you building new? The regenerative media filter is the most effective and efficient filter available. Why you ask? The regenerative media filter is making its footprint on the aquatic marketplace because the design of these filters offers the same benefits we have come to depend on from the diatomaceous earth (DE) filter of the past without all the drawbacks of handling the dangerous DE material. Filtration of particles from pool water down to the 1 to 5 micron range (compared to around 20 microns from traditional pressure and sand filters) offer superior water clarity. This superior filtration also reduces chemical oxidation demand by removing particles by the regenerative media filters. Bumping is what is referred to as the regeneration process. This process agitates the media and trapped dirt particles off the leaves that it is attached to. Regeneration redistributes the media thus extending the life of the media. Compared to a more traditional sand filter, the regenerative media filters get their filtration surface area inside of the tank from a series of long tubes, making the footprint for this filter smaller. This equals less space needed for the filter, which may lessen the cost of the overall building construction. This may not apply to all situations. Whether building new or renovating, these regenerative media filters are a great choice especially if your facility will have or already has a large bather load. We encourage you to contact your Sales Representative at Aqua Pure for more information. If you do not have a Sales Representative, contact our office and we will match you up with a Sales Representative. Get Your Free Consultation Today, 630-771-1310.


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Commercial Filter Disc and Accessories


Full D.E. Grids for American Products™, Pentair™ (Pac-fab) and Hayward™

Full D.E. Grids


Partial D.E. Grids for American Products™, Pentair™ (Pac-fab) and Hayward™

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