Consultation and Training

Consultation and Training

Before an installation or repair, a consultation with our trained staff will be conducted to assemble all the facts regarding a project so we can suggest the best solution(s) for your facility's circumstances. It is our goal to understand and maintain our client's best interests, while complying with budget constraints and still providing quality products and workmanship.

Supplying state regulations and forms, while incorporating a company's policies and guidelines, we will custom design a training session for any of your staff members. Basic water chemistry, how to test water, what is balanced water, state guidelines and forms for water testing and water parameters, rules to close a pool and the signs that must be posted are the most common topics covered in these sessions.

As an Aqua Pure customer, you are assigned a personal sales representative. You always have access to your knowledgable, trained, CPO certified through cell or email. APEI takes pride in offering a specific "consultant" to each and every one of our customers. This helps us to better understand you and it gives you the confidence that when you speak to your representative, you do not have to repeat what you have already told someone else. Our sales team is proud to be considered more like your go-to guy when it comes to your equipment room or pool/spa. Getting to know our customers puts Aqua Pure one step above the rest because we really do care. Our objective is to help you and direct and advise you to make the best decision for your specific needs. Aqua Pure will never sell you something you don't need. We take the time to diagnose your problem and offer reasonable solutions.

Aqua Pure offers training seminars throughout the year and can provide mini-seminars specific the indusrty changes. In addition to educational seminars and highlighting evolvments in the indusrty, Aqua Pure can provide you with specialized and specific training classes at your facility with the facility staff you choose. Wgether you want staff members to have a better understanding of the controller and chemical feed systems, anaylisis of water chemistry or a basic understanding of the equipment room, components and pool structure and maintenance, we are here to help you and educate you and your staff.

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