Clarifier will remove small particles that are too small to either be filtered out or are unable to be removed by oxidation. There are several reasons a pool or spa can experience cloudy water. Regardless if the main drain grate is not visible, the pool must not be opened. Most often cloudy water is associated with algae, and the first response is to add more chlorine. If the chlorine levels have been maintained, then the most common cause is improper filtration, insufficient water circulation or flow rate, and poor water chemistry.

The first step to correct a cloudy water situation is to check the filtration system, the water balance and the disinfectant level . Once troubleshooting is complete and corrective measures taken, and if the cloudy water still persists, then the likely cause is microscopic suspended particles. The next step would be to use a water clarifier.

Filter media - there are times the filter media at the facility must be checked and/or knowledge of what size micron the filter media can filter be understood. Filter media left unchecked can become dirty and clogged, thus channeling could cause unfiltered water to return to the pool or spa. A high rate sand filter can filter down to a 25 micron, whereas diatomaceous earth or perlite can filter down to a 4 micron. Then the rapid rate sand filter, filters down to a 50 micron. The limit of the visibility of the human eye is 50 - 60 micron. Some filters may need assistance “clarifier” at peak time: swim meet, water programs, weekend load, park programs, etc.

Clarifier is a correction method for cloudy water to remove suspended particles. If persistent, the problem must be corrected.


Aluminum Sulfate Floc, 50 lb. Bag

Aluminum Sulfate: Alum initially plugs “holes” between sand in the filter.


Concentrated Clarifier, 1 qt Bottle

Clarifier Concentrated Economical - Best Seller


ProTeam Dry Clarifier, 6 oz Bag

ProTeam Clarifier Dry, 6 oz Bag


ProTeam Microfloc Clarifier, 1 qt Bottle

ProTeam Clarifier Microfloc. Best Results Reports From Customers


ProTeam Superfloc, 1 qt Bottle

Severe Cloudiness - MUST Follow the Directions on the Label

Discontinue pump use after 1 to 3 hours; do not swim or allow pump to start for 24 hours. Once suspended particles fall to the bottom of pool, slowly vacuum pool to waste. Some additional settling will occur for the next 48 hours after initial application.