Algae are microscopic aquatic plant-like organisms that require nutrients to grow. Keeping sanitizer levels proper, along with the water balance factors to optimize the killing form of the sanitizer, maintenance dosage of an algaecide and maintaining the physical aspect with proper circulation, filtration, as well as routine brushing and vacuuming of the pool surface are all important to prevent algae growth. Algae has a protective outer coating. Brushing will help break through that outer coating, allowing the products to work more effectively.

Types of Algaecide

Quaternary ammonium, positively charged and are therefore attracted to the negative charge on the cell wall of the algae. The quat’s wetting agent properties as well as this charge attraction allow it to enter the cell wall which causes the cell wall to break. Most economical, and widely used . Better at preventing algae growth, can cause foaming if too much is added to the water. Contains no metals. Do not super-chlorinate for 24 hours after adding.

Sodium Bromide is a white, crystal-like compound made of sodium and bromine. It is used in the swimming pool industry more foreliminating yellow or mustard algae . When added to the water, the bromide is oxidized by chlorine to create hypobromous acid (HOBr), which is effective at killing algae. It must be used carefully with chlorine because it makes the chlorine unstable and this causes a drop in the chlorine levels. Must super-chlorinate when treating with Sodium Bromide and continue to check chlorine levels, until normalized.

Polymeric quat compounds work in a similar manner to ammonium chloride as discussed above. However it has a long molecular structure that does not cause foaming. It surrounds the cell and suffocates it. Has a broader spectrum. Best product for preventing and to kill algae . Does not foam or contain metals.

Copper algaecides have excellent performance on almost all algae types. They are one of the mosteffective algaecide against black algae . Care must to taken when using copper based algaecide. Chlorine can oxidize copper to produce black stains on the pool surface. Our formulas have complexing agents to prevent staining. However, follow all label directions and avoid over dosing.


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