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Acu-Trol (Pentair)

Acu-Trol (Pentair)


Flow Cell Complete w/Flow Switch

does not come with parts bag


1/4" Ball Valve

to let the water free


5 Amp Fuse



Acu-Trol CO2 Solenoid

Solenoid, 1/4" input NC 110/VAC


Acu-Trol Compression Fitting 1/2"x1/4" NPT

connects tubes to flow cell


AK100 PCB Sensor Card

Sensor card


AK600 PCB Sensor Card

used for the AK600


CO2 Delivery Sytems

This CO2 delivery system is designed for use with an Acu-TrolĀ® chemical controller.


CO2 Regulators

High or Low Flow Regulators


Complete Diffuser

Can withstand pressures as high as 150 psi.



1/4" Diffuser


Diffuser Adapter



Dual Tank Auto Change Over

Ideal for applications using large amounts of CO2.


Flow Cell Complete, No Parts

for the water sample


Flow Cell Filter Complete, 1/4" Black

the Filter before the flow cell


Flow Cell Filter Insert, Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh


Flow Cell Filter O-Ring

a low profile o-ring


Flow Cell Jar Only

Jar for the Flow Cell


Flow Cell Large O-Ring

O Ring to stop leaks


Flow Cell Parts Bag

Parts Bag


Flow Cell Port Sample

Used to Sample Water


Flow Cell Top Only

the top of Flow Cell


Flow Cell: Flow Kit

for the water to flow through


Flow Switch with O-Ring, 10' Cord

lets the controller know if there is flow


ORP Cable, Red BNC to Wire

gives power and able to read the censor


ORP Pigtails, 1 Red 12" (AK600)



ORP Pigtails, 1 Red 8" (AK110)

to power the device


ORP Sensor Only

reads ORP


pH Cable,Blue

supplies power to the pH Censor


pH Pigtail, 8" Blue (AK110)

to plug in the Chlorine and acid feeders


pH Sensor Only (Probe)

Senses the pH in the water


Pigtail Set (AK110)

Both Red and Blue


Pigtail Set 12" (AK600)

Set for both Red and Blue


Ribbon Cable (AK110)

needed cables


RS232 Module

A Module for the controller


Socket Relay

a Relay


Temperature Sensor w/fitting

Senses Temperature